GeoStar Challenge

The GeoStar Challenge is an initiative within GPS 2021 to promote the understanding of past and present geological processes hidden beneath the ground by looking at their expressions reflected at the surface.

A GeoStar is a location that illustrates a set of key features in one of several geoscience categories. GeoStars may already be internationally famous, like iconic parklands, or they may be sites that are unsung but still deserve star status. In every case these GeoStars will gain fame as they play a lead role in building public awareness of some aspect of the geosciences.

The challenge was split in four categories, which were the themes discussed in the main event:

Which site best demonstrates the potential of geothermal energy?

Which site best demonstrates breadth of potential geologic resources?

Which site best demonstrates the importance of thoughtful management of subsurface systems?

Which site best demonstrates the importance of geology for society?


The GPS 2021 organizers will bring forward one defender geosite per category. The public is invited to suggest challenger geosites by replying to the presentation tweets or on

Voting rounds on Twitter to define which geosites go to the finals against the defenders in each category.

The GeoStar Challenge finals will happen at the opening session of the GPS 2021 event.
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Results: Meet the GeoStars

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