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07 June - GeoStar Challenge finals: Which geosites best represent the potential of the subsurface?

GeoHeritage: The Earth's Geological Legacy
Mónica Sousa, Executive Director APG, Coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Geological Heritage

08 June - Bridging geothermal energy to the next level in the United States and the European Union

09 June - Towards Multi-Resource Assessments for Improved Sustainable Natural Resource Management

CO2 storage in Europe - will it finally set off?
Vit Hladik, Research Co-ordinator Geo-Energy, CGS

Subsurface Carbon and Energy Storage Resource Assessments
Peter Warwick, Research Geologist, USGS

The application of UNFC – a valuable tool for a holistic approach on natural resources?
Erika Ingvald, Head of Division, Mineral Information & Mining Industry, SGU

10 June - Managing the multiple uses of the subsurface

The USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative–a partnership with U.S. State Geological Surveys
Warren Day, Earth Mapping Resources Initiative Science Coordinator, USGS

Paradigm shifts in subsurface management and planning
Serge van Gessel, TNO & EuroGeoSurveys GeoEnergy Expert Group chair

The legal governance of underground space in Europe
Tamas Hamor, JRC, European Commission
See also the recently published paper Underground space, the legal governance of a critical resource in circular economy

11 June - Final debate – Geoscience, Policy and Societal Challenges

USGS: Science to Support Decision Making
Dave Applegate, Associate Director for Natural Hazards Exercising the Delegated Authority of the Director, USGS

Meeting 21st century global challenges with transdisciplinary earth and biological system science—the USGS perspective
Geoff Plumlee, Chief Scientist, USGS

The Strategic role of knowledge of Geoscience in policy making
Koen Verbruggen, Director, GSI

Side session 10 June - GeoConnect³d project: Geological information and knowledge for policy support

The Subsurface Management issue
Isaline Gravaud (BRGM) & Monika Konieczyńska (PIG-PIB)

Introduction to the Structural Framework
Kris Piessens, GSB

Introduction to Geomanifestations
Johanna Van Daele, VPO

Answering policy questions in the Roer-to-Rhine area of interest
Helga Ferket, VPO

Side session 14 June - MUSE project: Urban Geothermal energy use with special reference to shallow subsurface application

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